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Activity : Manufacturing of coaches and buses
Assembly of trucks
Date of creation : 1976
Form : PLC
Integration rate : 57 to 65%
Production capacity : Coaches and Buses: 400 units/year
Trucks: 500 units/year
References in Tunisia : Suppliers - partners of regional transport companies, airports, ministries, administrations, local authorities, hotels, travel agencies, associations.
References abroad : Libya, Algeria, Iraq, The Gambia, Senegal, Ethiopia, Syria and United Arab Emirates
Workforce : 300 persons
Location : Ezzahra, southern suburb of Tunis

Its location in Ezzahra in the southern suburb of Tunis enables to have fast access to the port of Rades.

SETCAR is a partner of VOLVO. It became international thirty years ago when it started exporting buses, coaches and trucks to many countries in Africa and in the Middle East.

Products :
City buses, Articulated City buses, Intercity Coaches, Long-distance Coaches, Coaches, Airport Buses, Minibuses, Special Buses, Trucks, Earth Moving Equipment.

Customer service :
The customer service provided by a team of highly qualified technicians ensures an optimal vehicle availability for customers.

Environment :
SETCAR is committed to an active environmental protection approach by opting for clean engines to reduce gas emissions.